Bucket Accessories

Bucket Accessories

PTI logoAllan Fyfe Equipment is your #1 source for aerial bucket liners and accessories. We deal exclusively with Plastic Techniques Inc. (PTI) carrying a full line of industry-trusted products that have been making lineman safer for over 25 years.

Following are just a few of the accessories available. Please preview the information and links below and contact us for further information, parts and pricing.

How to measure your bucket size...

Pole Saw Holder

  • Pole HolderDesigned for use on aerial lift bucket trucks.
  • Made of 1/4" thick, durable co-extruded ABS. Impact resistant material is non-conductive and weather resistant.
  • Fits virtually all standard aerial lift buckets.
  • Offers the maximum in space efficiency.
  • Designed to provide safe, temporary storage during repositioning movements of the bucket.
  • Quickly stow and retrieve Pole Saw for improved work efficiency.
  • Leaves work area free of interference.
  • Rubber lined hook opening is designed to fit 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" saw handles.

Tool Trays

  • Tool TraysOver 25 Different Sized & Configurations to Meet Your Everyday Needs!
  • Made from a special grade of rugged high density polyethylene.
  • UV Protection added.
  • Trays are cold resistant.
  • Provides a safe and convenient storage space for TOOLS and CATV meters.
  • Fits virtually every aerial lift basket 1TB-RA, 1TB-RT and 1TB-S will fit round buckets).
  • Custom colors available. Call our Sales Department at 603-645-6800 for details.
  • PTI Brackets are designed to mount on buckets with or without liners.
  • Permanent non-conductive fasteners available, order PTI Model NSK-6 or NSK-8.
  • Rugged polyethylene is impervious to motor oil, hydraulic oil, and a broad range of chemicals.

Fit All Soft Covers

Fabric CoverThe FITALL-I, FITALL-11, FITALL-V and FITALL-K were designed to shed water. A two (2) inch peice of foam is sewn into the cover to create a domed effect to eliminate pooling. The FITALL-II covers have two light weight reinforcing dowels.

Soft CoverThe same heavy duty vinyl coated nylon is used on the underside of the cover, so that it is reversible and gives you twice the life.

For those customers interested in the soft cover without the foam fill, they are now available. Call us at 603-645-6800 for more information.

  • Made of a heavy duty vinyl coated nylon.
  • Available in black, safety yellow, safety orange and white.
  • 4' Lanyard with a brass swivel.
  • Layered 55-45 to reduce wind whip.
  • 3/4" elastic rope sewn into the hem.
  • Available to fit virtually any size tray or bucket

Bucket Seat

Bucket Seat

  • Designed for use on aerial lift bucket trucks.
  • PTI's Splicer Bucket Seat is made of a special grade of polyethelyne.
  • Form fitting seat - very comfortable for a day's work.
  • Location and height can be adjusted to suit anyone.
  • Repositioning allows operator to see in any direction.
  • Easy to remove when not in use.

Scuff Pads

Scuff Pad

  • PTI scuff pads take a beating so your liner and buckets won't. Extend the life of the critical insulating component in your aerial lift units.
  • BD Scuff Pads are for buckets without liners, they provide the same protection for the bucket as our standard scuff pad.
  • Help prevent injury from slips and falls, line the bottom of buckets and liners with our "TRU-GRIT" scuff pads.
  • The "HY-JACKER" aids in reduction of lower lumbar stress.

Chainsaw Scabbards

In response to popular demand, PTI has totally redesigned the chain saw scabbard. Both models hand on either the inside of the basket or on the outside. Both have a rugged bracket designed to fit most bucket rims. The PTI chain saw scabbards are designed to hold most standard chain saws.


  • Durable reinforced fiberglass construction with sturdy reinforced back plate.
  • Replacement Saw Sheaths (RSS)
  • Non-corrosive, pan-head, brass post and screw fasteners for rapid sheath replacement.
  • Dimensional proportions optimized for gas or hydraulic saws.


  • Plastic construction is impervious to hydraulic, bar and motor oils.
  • Light weight.
  • Forty percent lighter than fiberglass models.




Canvas Tool Bags & Buckets

Rubber Glove Bags - For maximum puncture protection, ventilation, and easy access. Available in canvas or yellow vinyl.

Rubber Sleeve Bags - Protects rubber sleeves and allows them to be stored easiliy hanging by the harness straps. Stays open for easy access and maximum circulation.

Canvas Buckets - Canvas Buckets are available with a structural Polymer Construction. They come in several sizes in both the round and oval shape. Both rope and webbing handles are available as well as inside and/or outside pockets. Hang them from the bucket using a pair of either 2" or 3" hooks.

Shown Left to right: Model CB5P, RTB, CB15P

Shown Left to right: Model CB5P,

  • Round - Buckets made with U.S. grade #4 canvas. A solid non-conductive PVC ring maintains the shape, brass grommets reinforce the rope holes. The polypropylene rope is offered with a brass swivel snap.
  • Oval Bucket - Constructed out of U.S. grade #4 canvas. Non-conductive PVC top ring, side staves completely covered in canvas, solid bottom. The hook attachments are reinforced with brass grommets. Two sizes of hooks offered, 2" or 3".
  • Complete With Hooks Oval tool buckets include two PVC hooks. You chose the size. The 2" hook model numbers have a -2 suffix, and the 3" hook model numbers have a -3 suffix. Both sizes are a sturdy 5/8" diameter.